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Vehicles Solar & Security tinted film

To reduce heat, reduce total sunlight giving more comfortable / sustain drive.

How’s the progress :

Cover vehicle seat with leather to ensure its protected, clean up window to make sure no stain left on it before apply tinted.

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Security & Solar Film

Security & Solar Film is a safety film engined with solar rejects composition in order to provides comfort while prevent outsource circumstances which may causes injury due to glass shuttered.

VLT ▶ Visible Light Transmission IRR ▶ Infra-Red Rejection UVR ▶ Ultra-Violet Rejection
TSER ▶ Total Solar Energy Rejection VLR ▶ Visible Light Reflectance

Care Kool MAXICOAT Series

Care Kool Maxicoat Film composed of state-of-art solar protection and high grade optical tensile polyester to perform safety and
security by securing window glass from both natural and unnatural forces. The laminates adhesive is design to absorb impact, while the patented “micro-layer” rip-stop polyester film has been engineered to increase the window strength.


Model VLT IRR UVR TSER Break Strength Thickness
SSF-6900 50 % 96 % 99 % (UV400) 75 % 185 lb/inch 6 mil
SSF-900RB 43 % 90 % 99100 % 70 % 185 lb/inch 6 mil
SSF-800RB 50 % 83 % 99 % 63 % 155 lb/inch 5 mil
SSF-700RB 48 % 75 % 99 % 56 % 155 lb/inch 5 mil
SSF-600RB 52 % 60 % 99 % 48 % 155 lb/inch 5 mil


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